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The purchase of a Galápagos Design Group typeface or other digital product is actually the purchase of a license to use the Galápagos typeface or product. Our standard End User License Agreement allows for the installation of the typeface(s), regardless of which format is installed, on up to 5 compatible computers. If you work for a small, medium or large corporation and would like to license the typeface(s) for use on more than 5 computers you should contact Galápagos about upgrading your license. Galápagos offers a broad range of cost effective licensing options for work groups, corporate divisions and whole enterprises. Software license and distribution agreements are offered for bundling Galápagos products with software and hardware products of original manufacturers. For more information about licensing options tailored to your needs, please contact Galápagos at info@galapagosdesign.com or phone (978) 952-6200.

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