April 2003

Galápagos Design Group is pleased to debut the latest typeface designs from the Archipelago Type Collection. The Archipelago Type Collection includes expertly handcrafted fonts from resident designers Dennis Pasternak and George Ryan as well as contributing designers David Farey, Richard Dawson and Alex Kaczun. Learn more about our products and services at Galápagos Design Group.

Bisco Condensed, designed by Dennis Pasternak, is a small cap design inspired by handlettered memorial wall art from the Harlem section of New York City. Lively and fluid with a high level of readability at all point sizes, Bisco Condensed imparts a “streetform” look with a dash of “martial arts” appeal.
View here.

Aquamints is a delightful collection of hand-drawn, surfside images which will appeal to that sunny day at the beach in all of us. It includes crustaceans, palm trees, frolicking dolphins, lazy turtles and much more! View here.

Fonts used are Migrate (logo), Culpepper (subheads), Web-O-Mints (floral border) and Bing, Eborg, Ersatz, Golum, McLemore, Migrate, Mohawcs Notes and Tiamaria (Lots More Fonts! graphic).

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