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Bisco Condensed

PDF Specimen Sheet

Single Font: US $39.00

Designed by Dennis Pasternak

In his own words...

Bisco Condensed is a small capital design inspired by handlettered memorial wall art from the Harlem section of New York City. As a memorial, this design is dedicated to a type design colleague who lost his long battle with cancer. This font is a tribute to his strength and liveliness.

The original idea for Bisco Condensed was to capture the energy of those unique “streetforms” in a text/ display design and encapsulate them into a lively and fluid type design with a high level of readability at all point sizes.

Bisco Condensed is an excellent typeface for expressive display layouts. It works well as an independent design or along with contemporary sans serifs that complement Bisco’s irregular contours, weighting and bounce.

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