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Mark Batty


E-mail: Mbatty@aol.com
mark battySome comments from Mark:

"I have known and worked with Larry Oppenberg and the Galápagos Design Group since the very first days, and was one of their charter customers. They stand for customer service and quality, and have some of the best design and technical talent in the industry. So when they asked me to be their first independent director I was very happy to accept."

Mark has more than 20 years experience in the graphic arts and typeface businesses. Until recently, Mark was President and CEO of ITC, the typeface licensing company, which he ran for 14 years. During that time Mark was responsible for navigating the international success of ITC through several significant market and technology changes. Prior to this, Mark ran Letraset's international marketing function which included Letraset's licensing activity.

Larry Oppenberg stated: "Mark is an independent, impartial and experienced voice. He will be very useful in helping us to set strategies for the future, as well as helping us in our company's development and continued growth."

As part of a long standing commitment to the type industry, Mark is President of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), and is a member of many other associations involved in the world of type and typography.

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Illustration by Steve Zafarana

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